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#Microsystems 2020 Benedetto Boccuzzi + Equilibrio Dinamico 

#Microsystems is a collaboration between Benedetto Boccuzzi and Equilibrio Dinamico Dance Company. A short electronic piece for each performer of the company, who then develops a choreographic study. 

My purpose with these #Microsystems is to investigate very diverse sound environments by compressing them in a handful of seconds, a small space where everything happens immediately and then collapses. The different sound layers, generated from manipulated and filtered sounds, overlap creating a confused and unstable texture on which small bursts, abrupt electric shocks and rapid movements emerge. The idea is to access through a magnifying glass to a microcosm that contains the whole, or to take a snapshot of a process in continuous evolution.

Benedetto Boccuzzi

Boccuzzi's proposal was immediately welcomed with great enthusiasm by me and the main nucleus of freelance dancers with whom Equilibrio Dinamico has been collaborating for years. I believe that the eclecticism of the Maestro and the dancers of Equilibrio Dinamico can give birth to a project that is not only interesting, as it allows to investigate sound and body, but can also be a seed able to create a parallel project for the company. Equilibrio Dinamico was born as a repertory company, therefore it is a reality prone and open, since 2011, to confrontation between artists; I am excited to see a first creative process by the dancers of the company. The M° Boccuzzi will compose unpublished #Microsystems for each dancer who will be free to experiment the scores defining their own personal research, I will limit myself to supporting their work with belief and enthusiasm . I thank M°Boccuzzi for thinking of Equilibrio Dinamico for this interesting artistic collaboration.

Roberta Ferrara, Artistic Director of Equilibrio Dinamico Dance Company


Beatrice Netti, Camilla Romita, Nicola De Pascale, Salvatore Lecce, Serena Angelini, Silvia Sisto, Tonia Laterza.

Graphic Design

Stefano Sasso

Media Partner Theatron 2.0


#Microsystem 1  - Nicola De Pascale

#Microsystem 2  - Tonia Laterza

#Microsystem 3  - Camilla Romita

#Microsystem 4  - Serena Angelini

#Microsystem 5  - Silvia Sisto

#Microsystem 6  - Salvatore Lecce

#Microsystem 7  - Beatrice Netti

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